Caution in use

Caution in use
1) First, please check whether the Auto S/W selected is proper for specification.
2) Be sure not to use Auto S/W in the place where strong magnetic field is generated (We provide Auto S/W for strong magnetic field separately)
3) Before fixing Auto S/W to cylinder, please check whether it operates in the place, which is 2-3mm far from cylinder surface. If the distance is not sufficient, malfunction may occur. If the distance is too excessive, operation may occur over 2-3 times.
4) If both ends of extension cable are exchanged, load operates but the lamp of Auto S/W is not tumed on. (It does not matter in AC power)
5) If current, which is higher than working current, flows, the lamp blurs or is not turned on. At this time, connect bleeder (parallel) resistance to both ends of load(PLC and relay) so that current can be higher than working current (5mA).
6) If power is directly connected to both ends of Auto S/W, Auto S/W and power may be damaged
7) If Auto S/W is connected in parallel, several switches may be connected. If it is connected in series, however, it is good to connect less than 2 switches in DC 24V, less than 4 switches in AC 110V and less than 8 switches in AC 220V by considering intemal voltage drop(2.7V).
8) There shall be no power cable or the cable generating large surge (Motor, SV, MG, welding machine, etc.) around extension line of Auto S/W. It is better to use additional pipe.
9) Do not connect Auto S/W to "L" load(motor, transformer, solenoid, etc.) directly but use relay to connect Auto S/W to relay contact point in series.
10) Do not connect Auto S/W to timer with the character of "L" load and power terminal of counter directly in series. At this time, use relay to connect Auto S/W to relay contact point in series.