CEO greeting


Hello? Dear customers!
I wish you eternal development of the company.
Saewon Electronics, which was founded in July, 1986 is the company specialized in the manufacture of single products such as position sensor or auto switch for various hydraulic and pneumatic devices.

The company has manufactured 100 kinds of products including general DSC type, DSC 3-wire(NPN & PNP) type proper for semiconductor device and high-speed device, PLC 2-wire type harmonized with general DSC type, Anti-magnetic field switch proper for automobile welding line, switch exclusively used for hydraulic device and PLC D-F8N micro type with total length of 10mm.

As of June, 2011, the company manufactured 5 million products and provided famous domestic & overseas cylinder companies (TPC, PAKER, Samin CKD, Protec, JRT, etc.) with them through O.E.M supply, export and domestic sales, providing superiorities of products and receiving trusts of customers.

Saewon Electronics will be reborn as the best company specialized in auto switch for cylinder without becoming distracted. Officers and staffs of Saewon Electronics will do their best to help your pneumatic industry. In addition, the company guides technology for special pneumatic magnetic sensor (auto S/W) and application sensor depending on customer's request and develops them. Officers and staffs of the company promise that they will fully implement their missions and roles as the eading partner of pneumatic sensor by developing technology and improving quality continuously. In order to compensate for your efforts, we will assist you with high quality and economic price.

Please encourage the company.
CEO of Saewon Electronics Yun Tae-Yeon